A New Way to Journal

Posted on: September 17, 2011

Monumental moment– Honeybee Hobby’s first blog post!

My hobby is crochet. To turn a skein (or 5) of yarn into something new and usable is always an adventure, and I usually enjoy every single moment of it.

Along the same lines, I am learning how to loom knit. I own knitting needles and had every intention of learning how to knit. Alas, it did not work out by watching videos online and finding blogs that give visual guides. So I have decided to begin by learning how to loom knit!

A few of my crochet items, to learn a little more about me:

My first blanket. It’s colourful and bright and I loved mixing the variegated yarns with the solid Teal and Burgundy.

A Button Band!

And thirdly, a very special scarf, in Fall. The pattern and yarn on this scarf made it one of my most favourite projects to date.

Currently, I have quite a few projects going on, but TA-DA! moments will be posted.

My favourite yarns, as of late, have been Red Heart Shimmer and Caron Simply Soft, so projects with those are up and coming as well!

Happy crafting!

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